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Our authority in product liability cases implies our customers are represented with the trusted guidance and respect from our experienced team of lawyers. Wotton Kearney is Australia’s law firm of choice. We use our skills of the legal justice system to our advantage, offering years and years of experience and our thousands of counted wins per year as motivation for getting our clients the right compensation and justice for their case. We see every case as a potentially winning case. We take into account all the evidence we can gather, including the information our clients can offer, and build a case from the findings. We will fight to the very end until justice is found.

We know the tension, pain and financial suffering our clients undergo when deciding to venture into a legal case. We are not here to make money off our clients, we seek justice for what is right. Our lawyers and staff are dynamic members who accumulate all the necessary information they need to help their clients – a group approach gives customers years of integrity lawful experience concentrated on their cases. Wotton Kearney have what it takes to be your law firm of choice. Our referrals from previous clients have spoken wonders for what we have done in the past. We can do the same for you. Contact us today.

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Every day, we use all kinds of products, equipment, toys and gadgets. The last thing we think of is that the item can incur an injury to us. We use the item with the anticipation that it is safe, and will work the way tit supposed to. Shockingly, there are many items that are defective, and in most cases, cause a serious injury to innocent people.

The absence of warnings around an item which is potentially harmful, or defective can give you the right ammunition to fight for a legal case against the manufacturers. A product liability claim can be against the manufacturers for a small injury caused by a cracked bottle or perforated lid causing a laceration of you hand. It can be a much large injury, where you purchase a defective spare part for your motor vehicle, which caused an accident where you had to be hospitalised. Even worse, it could be medication you bought over the counter, which was defective or incorrectly labelled and caused a fatality. These are all genuine incidents that go wrong and where it is essential to have a law firm of experienced representatives on your side.

Wotton Kearney Represent Those Injured From Defective Products. Our motivated and passionate lawyers have what it takes to take any case and make it a winning one. We will get our clients the best legal case in the country, and get the compensation they deserve for the pain and suffering they have endured. We are focused on making certain our customers get most extreme remuneration for their injuries and their loss. In the event that you have been injured by an item or have lost a friend or family member because of an imperfect item and have inquiries or concerns, we can help you resolve the case.

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