About Us

Unfortunately accidents happen and, while we may not have much say in when or how they occur – we certainly have can control of how we handle them. With over-stressed legal systems and overpriced legal services a norm – it’s becoming increasingly hard for people to successively navigate even the most basic of legal systems and claims.

Being the victim of medical malpractice, unfair dismissal, an unprovoked and aggressive attack or a motor vehicle accident – whatever the case may be – is simply traumatic, not only for the victim but for their entire family.

Many times the event itself will have a very serious impact on their ability to react appropriately and timorously to resolve the matter and, even more so, when they have no previous legal experience or a limited knowledge of how the legal system works. At Legalclaim.com.au we understand how critical it is for you to seek advice from a third party that will be able to provide you with un-biased, realistic and trust-worthy information on how to proceed with the matter.

Who do you turn to when you’ve been attacked? How do you proceed with the matter? What’s the best way to deal with a car accident when the other driver isn’t cooperating? What should a parent do when their child has been attacked by a neighbour’s dog? These, among many other difficult questions, are what we at Legalclaim.com.au are here to help you answer. We will help guide you on how to proceed with these matters, provide you with invaluable legal advice on many issues relating to your claim including establishing who is the guilty party and even the amount you’re entitled to claim based on the damages you’ve incurred.

We also understand that not all matters can be resolved in a small claims court – and therefore we may need to advise you to take things further. With a database of hundreds of professional law firms and practitioners – we can provide you with only the best and most trusted individuals that will help you take your case to the next level.

Legalclaim.com.au will ensure that you are aware of your rights as a victim every step of the way while also providing you with the most efficient and professional legal advice. If you need assistance to resolve a dispute, help in ensuring that you are duly compensated or just want a push in the right direction – Legalclaim.com.au is here to assist you.