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LAC Lawyers is known across the country for their dealings in Assault Claims. Offering their legal advice and services to Australians in need of justice from being involved in such crimes. We offer years of experience in the legal system, giving our clients the confidence that their case will be handled with professionalism and dedication. In addition to our knowledge of the legal system, we offer a team of passionate people who get personally involved in your case. We deliver a top notch service, getting the very bottom of each case, to win your battle.

Our firm offers a range of legal services from Commercial & Franchising Law; Contract Drafting & Disputes; Criminal Law and Traffic Offenses; Corporations Law; Family & De Facto Law; Employment Law & Unfair Dismissal; Environmental & Planning Law; Equity & Trusts; Insurance Law & Claims; Intellectual Property; Litigation; Migration/Immigration; Professional Negligence; Property & Strata Title Law; Taxation Law & Disputes; Trade Practices, Wills, Probate & Estate Disputes; Workplace Disputes. We basically cover any legal needs that our clients need. When you are in a bind, and need a professional experienced firm to handle your case, look no further. LAC Lawyers will assist you getting the compensation you need.

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Our lawyers will promptly begin investigating your Assault case from day one. From our first point of contact, we tackle the areas of concern, evaluating the entire case step by step, and make sure we have enough evidence to build a worthy winning case for our client.

Our legal advisors are experienced litigators and intensive investigative examiners. We will strive to guarantee your case is handled with the most extreme care, to get you the remuneration admissible by law.

In Australia, assault laws address assault as threatening behaviour. These law violations are viewed as legal crimes and accompany significant punishment. When you are confronting any kind of assault that causes bodily harm, you will need a lawyer by your side to take your case. Contact the criminal attorneys at LAC Lawyers for a legal representation.

A basic attack happens when somebody assaults someone else or places someone else in in a dangerous situation or environment. These cases are taken very seriously in the eyes of the law. Acts including senior residents, pregnant ladies or domestic abuse are additionally viewed as offenses of high and disturbed nature and could prompt a serious punishment.

The jail sentence for someone who is the instigator in a battery and assault charge, can get jail terms of up to 20 years – we can help you put your perpetrator behind bars and win your case.

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