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Our criminal specialists have practical experience in helping victims of battery and assault. We speak to individuals blamed assaults when they are innocent, and we also stand by those who are assaulted and need legal assistance in putting the person responsible behind bars. We work with a team of dedicated and professional lawyers, who take great pride in the experience they offer to the community.

Criminal processes can differ in a wide range of areas. You can be physically assaulted by someone and be seriously injured. We see threatening situations where victims are constantly bullied and receive threatening phone calls. You could be hijacked or mugged and assaulted in your own home. There are many areas classified as assault, and we can assist with all of them.

Our specialists believe that each person is important, we take each case and treat it as an individual and important case. We leave no stone unturned to find the truth and the evidence we need to win your battle in court.

When you feel you have nowhere to turn, think again! Ask Slater & Gordon to take your case, and know you are in good hands. Let the justice system and legal representation from our team win your case.

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Contingent upon where you live, and on the particular circumstances of your case, an assault charge can be a wrongdoing or a crime with serious implications and punishment. With Slater & Gordon on your side, you can be assured that wherever you stand in an assault charge, you will come out a winner. If you have been accused of assault, but know you are innocent, we can help you. If you have been a victim of a battery or assault, we can help you. No matter where you stand on the assault scale, our law firm will build a winning case for you. A basic encounter with someone who threatens your life or draws a weapon, can be a case for imprisonment. Australian law take assault charges very seriously, and should your perpetrator be convicted of their crime, they will be sentenced to up to 20 years in jail, with a hefty compensation for the victim for pain and suffering. We will however do all the necessary investigations to ensure your case is dealt with fairly and in line with the law.

An assault charge can include the following:

  • A dispute causing bodily harm
  • A fight in a bar or restaurant
  • An argument which leads to more serious abuse with your neighbour
  • Domestic violence

No matter what the dispute or violent act that occurred, you will need a lwyer to assist you with your case. Contact Slater & Gordon today, we are here to assist you.

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  • Assault Claims
  • Criminal Law
  • Professional Negligence

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