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You have supported a serious Injury, as an aftereffect of a criminal demonstration, for example, a head injury, facial injury, rape, scarring or breaks. Enduring any sort of Injury can be traumatic, with enduring physical and emotional outcomes. This may be a troublesome period in your life, especially when the injuries have been created through a conscious ambush, and it can be to a great degree hard to face a lawful circumstance at such an upsetting time. You will need a pro specialist to manage procedure of asserting for Injury’s, to guide and help you, whilst taking the anxiety away.

How we can offer assistance?

Our expert legitimate group will guide you on the procedure with respect to making a case through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) who will give compensation. We can help you at each phase of the procedure, from creating your case through to determination. This incorporates informing you on the presumable achievement concerning your case and conceivable levels of compensation. In the event that an application is denied by the CICA we can prompt on the advances process.

We go to maximum lengths to address our customers' requirements for injury and out of pocket costs and can frequently secure interval instalments to cover our customers' accounts. We are very proactive in guaranteeing cases are advanced, guaranteeing an opportune conclusion. All our customers have a devoted lawful expert managing their case, providing for them a direct contact to examine matters with all through the case.

Trust us…

Our insight and experience in injuries brought on by attack and other criminal acts is broad. We mean to take away the uneasiness of the circumstances and help you through the procedure and we can visit you in your home or a spot helpful to you, to empower us to assemble a coordinated relationship.

Services – Galbally and O’Bryan

Being a casualty of criminal brutality is a great degree upsetting especially having to endure impacts of an assault can change your life until the end of time. The scars can go far deeper than only the outside and influence more than simply the victimized person. Galbally and O'Bryan criminal injuries can help injured people and their families get back on their feet with compensation for the physical and mental damage brought about by an assault. There is nothing more upsetting than being the casualty of a savage brutal incident. To add to the trouble, in specific cases, the attacker may not be fit for being distinguished, or has no budgetary intends to fulfil any claim.

In such circumstances, the oppressed can apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for remuneration. This is a legislature body which was secured to protect and give remuneration to such sorts of matters.

It is critical to take suitable legitimate advice at an early stage if thinking about making a Criminal Injuries claim, as the claim must be submitted inside two years of the strike or assault.

Our involvement in managing such claims implies that we have the capacity to acquire the best conceivable offer of pay permitted under the plan. We additionally comprehend that bringing such claims can be profoundly troubling to an individual, and are consequently managed in a thoughtful and merciful nature.

We comprehend that taking after an assault, it can be troublesome requesting help and much harder relating the subtle elements. Our exceptionally prepared criminal injury specialists have years of experience helping individuals accomplish a positive result.

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  • Injury Compensation
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents Claims
  • Criminal Injury Claims

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