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At City Legal Solicitors we concentrate on client benefits by dispensing all personal injury cases to a specific specialist who has experience in managing your kind of case, whether it is an Accident at Work, a Slip or Trip or a Road Traffic Accident.

Most specialists firms now utilize non-qualified workers to process your case which can result in deferrals, which result in you getting frustrated and may even cost you more in the event that they underestimate your compensation. Keep in mind, once you concur settlement of your personal injury claim it is full and last with no returned at a later date. With City Legal Solicitors you will constantly manage the same individual, a qualified specialist, all the way who will have experience in your sort of personal injury case and who will make sure you get the remuneration you deserve based upon restorative and other accessible confirmation. We are an expert compensation claim firm. Personal injury claims emerge when individuals are injured by the indiscreet or purposeful demonstrations of others. When somebody is resolved to be lawfully in charge of injurying another person, they are obligated for the damage and may be made to repay the victimized person.

City Legal Solicitors are here to help you – and win your case. Call us today.

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A dog attack is a terrifying, frightful experience that can leave lasting physical and mental scars. Persons who own or keep a dog are in charge of the dog’s wellbeing, and should keep their animal safely away from causing harm to innocent people. At the City Legal Solicitors, we have years' of experience in helping innocent victims of dog bit attacks, including children, get the compensation they deserve from their traumatic injuries. Australian law is very strict when it comes to people being attacked by dogs. Should the owners of the animal be negligent, and allow their dogs to be in an area where an innocent bystander be assaulted and harmed by the dog, for no reason, they will take extreme measures to ensure the victim is compensated. By having the right law firm defending you or your family member, you will be able to fight your case in court.

There is a routine investigation that needs to take place after the incident, to clarify that it was in fact an accident, and that the person harmed was innocent. We need to get a full report, including witness testimonials, medical records and all the details of the people involved. Medical expenses from a dog bit attack can become serious expensive. Follow up surgeries can take months, and the victim can be seriously hurt. We take all this into account when taking on our customer’s case.

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