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Bennett & Philp Lawyers are a long standing law firm situated in Brisbane. Giving industry specific needs to associations requiring legal services and assistance, we encourage consumers and privately owned businesses, financial institutions, patent and trade mark attorneys, trade suppliers, property developers nearby and national governments and private clients. Our customer testimonials are a verification of our aptitude and ability as a law firm. With more than 30 years in the field, our customers are guaranteed genuine commitment from our firm, knowing their claims are in the right hands.

We work in claims universally and also by regional standards, our knowledge of the business is our reason for achieving our well renowned reputation. With an energy for people, we strive for the best for our customers. We take each customer's case and treat it personally, giving individual service to those that need legal help. With the developing rate of medical negligence injuries in Australia every year, we pride ourselves with a perpetually surpassing winning record of claims. We encourage our customers to act inside the time allotments keeping in mind the end goal to get their claims inside the framework.

Legal processes need to be founded inside 3 years of the occurrence. In the event that you trust you may have a medical negligence case reach us or call us on (07) 3001 2999 today.

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Medical malpractice law is profoundly particular and is liable to legitimate standards and principles of systems that contrast from different zones of the law. In the event that you have experienced medical negligence or been a casualty of medical malpractice/carelessness, it is imperitive that you counsel with Bennett & Philp with specific information in this complex field of law so you can be exhorted concerning whether you have a case and if so how to move ahead.

What is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is characterized as a negligent demonstration or oversight by a medical expert that outcomes in individual harm to a patient. It is not constrained to medical doctors additionally applies to medical caretakers / dental specialists / osteopaths / human services offices (issues with prescription, cleanliness or treatment) and social insurance administrations, for example, nursing homes for instance. Carelessness happens when a medical proficient’ s activities don't meet the acknowledged benchmarks of practice. Carelessness would incorporate slips in the accompanying phases of social insurance:


  • Incorrectly diagnosing or misdiagnosing a condition;
  • Delaying the judgment, bringing about a less good or deplorable result;
  • Reporting erroneously on test outcomes.


  • Performing surgery without the best possible consideration and expertise;
  • Providing post-agent care without the best possible consideration and ability;
  • Failing to give the fitting referral to the condition;
  • Treating the condition improperly.

Should a medical expert act thoughtlessly/negligently amid that operation, then again, they can be sued for medical malpractice/carelessness. An illustration of inconsiderateness may be dismissing a contamination emerging from a minor operation, prompting the persistent’s demise or seriously bargained wellbeing. In such a case, the patient would be inside their rights to document a medical malpractice claim.

Don't postpone, contact Bennett & Philp today and let us take away the injury of your case immediately – and get the compensation you deserve.

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