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We are one of Australia's best regarded law firms. We pride ourselves on our open and creative approach in giving clear and straight forward advice. We are a dynamic firm with exceptionally gifted and experienced employees, who consistently look for extraordinary answers for legal issues through our creative intuition and diversities. Our expert standard of identifying the nature of our legal objectives, trustworthiness and morals structure form the foundation of our practice. We are extremely honoured to have such an energetic, passionate associated group. Our diverse experience and our way of life of phenomenal customer legal conveyance are consolidated to recognize us from ur competitors.

At Blumbers, we believe that justice should not be reserved for those who can afford it. Damages for personal injury arising from accidents, defective products and professional or medical negligence can be divided into distinct areas, being pecuniary loss (past and future medical expenses, potential loss of income) and non-pecuniary loss (general damages and injuries). Where a victim has been fatally injured, the victim's dependents may claim for loss of support and funeral expenses. Some of our earlier and most recent results depict on our expertise in securing our clients claims for damages. Our expert lawyers offer the most elevated amount of polished methodology and skill, combined with a passion and commitment to affectively do their jobs properly.

Most importantly, we put our customer's on top of our priority list.

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If you are unfortunately involved in a medical incident involving medical negligence, you have the right to have the matter investigated and take the case further. By investigating the records from the case, you will be able to get relevant data that will add value to you winning the case. Medical recklessness can become quite a complex event. You may need the assistance of experienced lawyers to win your case. Blumers has the experience you need to win your case. With the relevant information and a genuine case to fight for, Blumers can make your medical negligence case viable for compensation.

There are many reasons that can lead to a medical negligence case. These can occur due to overworked human services, hospitals being under resourced and under staffed. Unskilled workers. The agony that you can succumb due to this negligence can create an unsuitable environment where accidents are prone to happen.

Areas that are usually affected by these causes are medical treatment facilities, hospitals and doctors rooms. Instances of medical malpractice incorporates situations like:

  • The patient got the inaccurate test results
  • The patient was diagnosed incorrectly
  • The patient was given the wrong procedure

If a patient is diagnosed incorrectly or given the incorrect treatment. This can create fatal outcomes and defects to the patient’s recovery. If there is proof that this was due to medical negligence, through a paper trail, then we can definitely assist you with your claim. If you feel like you have been wrongfully diagnosed, ill-treated in the medical environment or a victim of medical negligence, contact Blumers today, and let us handle your case.

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