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Catherin Henry Partners are situated in Newcastle, with an expanded ability covering NSW, the ACT and further abroad. Our extent of experience spreads over Medical and Health Law, Relationships, Wills and conveyancing. Our emphasis is on our customers, verifying you have the right to be heard, and that you are given the compensation you deserve for your legal case.

Through, energy, morals and ethical conduct, we will help you from start to finish. We understand that it is so hard to manage a legal issue, and have the emotional stress and costs over the matter of a legal issue. We can assist by clarifying your rights and guiding you on the right path to take. We are a law firm that treats each customer with the same level of passion and respect, through the entire legal process. We offer a personal all-encompassing service on the path that does not lead to expensive litigation. We understand how overwhelming being involved in a legal matter is, we will give legal counsel, we will "hold your hand" all through the whole process. Through orderly procedures, we will help you get through your terrible experience.

Give us a chance to take control over your legal battle, and earn what is legally owed to you.

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Catherine Henry Partners have practical experience in three primary territories of legitimate legal areas of expertise - Health and medical law, relationship law, wills and conveyancing. Our practice is about people and our passion for doing what’s right. There are many situations whereby medical negligence can occur to innocent patients. Misconduct or neglect from a medical professional in the facility of a medical facility can be an ethical and legal issue should a simple procedure go completely wrong. You could be a victim of receiving the incorrect medicines, failure to be given the correct diagnosis, or even have the wrong limb operated on. These are but a few of the medical legal cases we see on a daily basis.

The medical practitioner or professional is responsible for ensuring their patient receives the best care and the correct care. This is an oath they undertake before treating patients. If a negligent act occurs, you as the patient is liable to sue for malpractice. You would need to have sufficient evidence, a paper trail and enough data to build up a case. In the event that the malpractice is fatal, your family can fight the case on your behalf for suffering. We will be your support in these times of critical need. With us by your side, you stand a very good chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

Contact Catherine Henry Partners when you think you have a medical negligence claim.

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