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Our conviction is that the law ought to serve everyone. With 25 work locations around Australia and consistently developing. We are available to our customers and communities. This guarantees our customers are given the personal service, and legal help regardless of where they are in Australia. As a settled law firm practising for nearly a century, with customers of the most noteworthy calibre and legal cases which have history. We have developed our firm around realizing that we can make the difference, and we do. We trust in fighting to win ethically for the individuals who have been dealt with unjustifiably, and the individuals who should be repaid from wrong doing.

Our proud members of a multitude of community groups and organisations, but additionally into the group. As proud employees from a large number of communities and associations, the Maurice Blackburn team work closely with advocacy, providing them a political and legal voice through joint Parliamentary entries and giving back into their work. With tremendous experience and a passion for legal services, such as, Compensation Law, General Law, Superannuation and Insurance and Employment Law, you know you have some to the ideal firm. Give us a chance to take the legal matters off your shoulders.

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It is a typical perception that the greater part of medical malpractice lawsuits emerge as a result of mix-ups in the lab. Truth be told, most medical malpractice cases are the consequence of misdiagnosis, deferred determination, indicative lapse, or the disappointment by hospital staff to take after doctors' medicines or guidelines. Tragically, such mistakes can convey huge outcomes, for instance, if an eye doctor neglects to perceive the manifestations of glaucoma, visual deficiency can set in.

Maurice Blackburn has spoken to various customers who were the casualties of expert carelessness. Our clients have included casualties of hospital malpractice whereby, for instance, an inability to sedate or diagnose an affliction has prompted serious repercussions, for example, mind harm. A deferred or misdiagnosed heart assault, or a ruptured appendix, can have prompt and disastrous results. Nonetheless, with respect to an ailment, for example, malignancy, a postponed or off base analysis regularly prompts a much poorer guess, and constrained treatment choices, once the sickness is at long last found. In the event that such an occasion happens, the outcome may be a reduced personal satisfaction and an expanded possibility of abatement.

Further cases of medical malpractice include: superfluous surgery, medicine mistakes, tainted blood transfusions, and diseases in hospital and clinical settings. Dependable gatherings may incorporate doctors, attendants, hospitals, physical advisors, drug specialists, chiropractors, and podiatrists.

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