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McInnes Wilson Lawyers is one of the biggest Queensland-based law firms, positioned amongst the top 100 exclusive organizations in the state. We offer you the best of the old combined with the best of the new – a harmony between the customary values of respectability, trust and shared appreciation and our dynamic approach to always showing value to changes in the business environment.

In the event that you feel you have a case to make a claim for compensation, then come and speak with us. We may be lawyers and specialists yet we're individuals first and we will do our utmost to help you. We are not new to law, as experienced legal enthusiasts, we are lawyers who understand business. We believe that it is our dedication to reliable diligent work that permits us to pick up an understanding of our customers' business and their particular needs. This, combined with our insight into the law, permits us to increase the value of your case.

Our point of concern on these specific business parts is to give particular guidance so as to:

  • offer our customers more compelling legal backing and pre-emptive legal solace;
  • minimize our customers' legal risks; and
  • understand and oblige the individual needs of our customers in backing of their particular business.

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When you're dealt with by somebody working in the medical industry, you're setting out on an agreement of sorts – obligation of consideration, it’s called – where you're entrusting them to provide for you the best conceivable medical attention they can give.

Whether it’s a doctor or specialist, a dental practitioner, drug specialist or care home orderly, every one of them are bound by law to go to your needs to the best of their capacities. There are occasions where individuals have experienced medical carelessness on account of the medical calling, and with all the radical changes and cuts happening in all areas of human services, medical carelessness cases are definitely not going to go away. We've got an authority group of medical carelessness specialists available who know everything there is to think about medical carelessness claims. Our accomplished medical carelessness group have helped several individuals who have ended up in a comparative circumstance to you. Pretty much as critically, in any case, they're receptive, thoughtful individuals you can truly converse with and trust. Nobody sees better than they do how irritating and damaging it can be the point at which a health awareness expert gets it horrendously not right. You are never alone in the skirmish of equity.

McInnes Wilson Lawyers will be right by your side, call us today- let’s get started on your case.

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  • Bicycle Injury
  • Vehicle Injury
  • Medical Negligence
  • Work Injury
  • Death Claim

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