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De Silva Hebron is committed to providing the best possible representation to our customer in a professional manner and we always strive to deliver superior final results. Our Attorneys and staff are located in our offices at Darwin, and possess sterling academic credentials, strong residential district association and a deep commitment to maintaining satisfied guest.

With over twenty-one years’ experience, our team have the expertise and the experience to take on any legal matter If you have been injured as a result of an accident at no faulting of your own, or by the negligent or intentional legal legal action of others, you are entitled to a settlement for your suffering. If you have suffered any wound as a result of an auto accident, slip and dusk, or malpractice, on the part of a professional service provider, medical malpractice, intersection defectiveness, product indebtedness, non-performance on the part of another company or even an employer, or any other injury that could have been prevented but for the negligent or careless action of another party, you have the right to explore the wrong owed to you.

As an injured victim, you deserve rigorous representation in defending your tights to right the wrong that you have suffered.

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If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, an investigation will be done in regards to who was at fault, and who will be liable for the injuries sustained to the injured parties. Should you be the victim, as one of the drivers, or even an innocent pedestrian, hit by an oncoming car, you can be liable to receive a compensation for your pain and suffering. In these accidents, you can sustain serious injuries, need to be hospitalised, or it could even be fatal. Some examples of car accidents where you are able to claim for a motor accident claim through De Silva Hebron include being hit by someone who is intoxicated, someone running a red light, going through a pedestrian crossing without stopping and there are many more incidents.

When there is careless driving, or neglect of the rules of the road, the driver in this situation will be charged. This is a criminal offence, and the victim will need to lay a charge through our law firm to receive finance for the damages. These incidents occur more frequently than we care to imagine. Therefore, careful investigation needs to be made like taking names of witnesses, getting photos of the scene where the incident occurred, and having copies of the medical documentation. We can build up a case out of the evidence, and should the information lead to the driver being negligent, you can receive the compensation you deserve.

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