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Nikolovski Lawyers provide legal services for the Southern Highlands and South Coast and visits these territories routinely so our customers can in any case get to our expert services without continually expecting to head out to us. Our companions in the legal group have seen the work we put into the personal injury, wrongful demise and medical negligence cases we handle. They see that our efforts bring about even the most convoluted cases. We dedicate our expertise to Compensation with vast experience across all areas of insurance law including employment related claims, motor vehicle claims, claims in different locations other than at work and superannuation disability claims. We think profoundly about our customers and dependably industriously address their interests. We are pleased with the notoriety we have earned in the legal group.

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We realize that individuals come to us for one reason: They need a determination to their legal issue. We are eager to fight to get one. Our lawyers have taken uncountable personal injury, wrongful death and an assortment of cases to trial and have been awarded a large amount of dollars in compensation for our customers through the years.

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We know there is nothing more critical than somebody's wellbeing and safety. In the event that you or a friend or family member have been in a motor car accident, it is likely that you may need medical attention and treatment promptly after the unfortunate incident. At Nikolovski Lawyers, we feel it is imperative to investigate and keep records of your motor car incident by calling on your nearby police division and filling an accident report. Additionally recording any data with respect to the names of the people involved in the accident, phone numbers of any one who may have seen the accident. Taking photographs of the scene and damages to your vehicle and whatever other vehicles that may have been included in the incident.

Accidents can occur due to driver negligence caused by:

  • Texting while driving
  • A vehicle turning or riding in the wrong direction
  • Driving at great speeds, not within the speed limit
  • Unsafe turns where no turning is allowed
  • Failure to obey signs

Nikolovski Lawyers have been assisting drivers and pedestrians that were harmed in these sorts accidents for many years. We are experts in this field, and know how to build a case and claim compensation for their clients.

In the event that you are involved in a motor car accident, it is wise to contact us immediately, to get the case into motion. For us to investigate the accident properly, we need all the information and reports from the medical facility to build up a winning case.

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