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Our quality is the diligent work and enthusiasm of our legal advisors who concentrate on the conveyance of prevalent results in a savvy way. Each lawful issue we experience gives us a chance to reach past the standard case traditions for an imaginative appointment that has any kind of effect. These appointments consolidate a hardworking responsibility to the law and the lawful calling with a comprehension that our objective is to accomplish the best result in the quickest time at a sensible expense.

Moray & Agnew Lawyers has a broad prosecution work on giving a full-scope of legitimate aptitude. We have worked with numerous customers through the years to create case service programs. Case service programs set up with customers reliably concentrate on results. These can incorporate expense control of reimbursement exposures and costs, and in addition setting and observing benefit or conclusion rate targets. We have the innovation to give measurable, rundown or bordereau execution information perfectly customized to each customer's particular needs.

Moray & Agnew Lawyers adjusts diligent work, enthusiasm for the law and an affectability to the needs of our customers. We are exceptionally pleased to be viewed as pioneers in our areas of practice. We have a demonstrated reputation of conveying remarkable service and will keep on remaining focused on our centre qualities as we get up and go into what's to come.

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Product Liability can become a serious criminal offense. There are situations where a defective product has caused serious injuries and even death. At Moray & Agnew Lawyers we know the lengths that the manufacturers will go to deny these claims, but with our years of experience, and an eye for justice, we will fight your case, and win. There are many ways in which a case can be classed as a product liability case.

By buying any product in the store, supermarket or straight from the manufacturer, you are given the sense of satisfaction, knowing that your item was made and sold to the public with a standard fit for utilisation. The last thing we expect is to purchase a product which is defective or that it may even cause harm.

Any person who has been injured by an unsafe item needs to counsel with a lawyer experienced in product risk law. The item may have harmed a number of innocent customers without you been knowing about it. By lodging a case with your lawyers, you may even save more potential innocent clients from the very same product.

A few illustrations of product risk cases would include:

  • Defective Airbags
  • Defective Tires
  • Dangerous Prescription Drugs
  • Unsafe Toys & Baby Furniture
  • Unsafe Workplace Equipment
  • Defects in Safety Equipment
  • Faulty Medical Equipment
  • Product Recalls

Give us a chance to help you with your case, we put your best interests first, and take the legal matters to court.

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  • Product Liability Claims

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