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Lee & Lyons have Clients everywhere throughout the Australia and our committed experts are just excessively upbeat to visit you in the solace you could call your own home in the event that you would discover this less demanding than going to us at our business locations.

"We battle in the interest of customers to guarantee utmost pay in the quickest conceivable time."

We just ever chip away at sake of injured individuals. Dissimilar to a few Solicitors, we never work for insurance agencies or executives. We battle for customers to guarantee greatest compensation in the briefest conceivable time.

For more data of the sorts of work we do please see our heading pages 'Clinical Negligence' or 'Individual Injury', contingent upon your region of investment… our reality is a given. Submerging ourselves in your reality allows us to have the effect. It might be an odd idea to some, however the world doesn't spin around legal counsellors. Our customers are the stars. It's their plan. We see it as a Liability to place ourselves into our customer's shoes. Giving best counsel does not mean simply setting out the law. It means assessing danger, communicating a perspective, giving appointments and guaranteeing that trades are conveyed on time and on plan. We are continually searching for approaches to improve - conveying results through sharp thinking and immaculate execution. Knowing our reality is a given. Submerging ourselves in your reality allows us to have a positive outcome of your case.

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Public liability claim

A public liability claim is one that is made for injuries managed as an aftereffect of a mishap that happens on property that is open or available to the public, for example, strip malls, bars, restaurants and silver screens.

The holders or occupiers of these public spaces have an obligation to guarantee that the property is decently kept up to anticipate mishaps. In spite of the fact that entrepreneurs can't be required to keep each accident, they are relied upon to practice the same measure of consideration as a sensible, mindful personal in looking after and/or shielding their property.

It is safe to say that you are qualified for make a claim?

In the event that your damage was brought about deliberately by or as a consequence of the carelessness of the entrepreneur or occupier, it is prudent to contact us as quickly as time permits so we can support you in figuring out if your claim could be effective.

Not to mention a variety of other things, the accompanying four components need to be demonstrated in place for a claim to be effective:

  • The manager or occupier of the space had an obligation to make preparations for any predictable issues, to take sensible precautionary measures and to caution clients of potential risk.
  • The manager or occupier neglected to meet his or her obligation to anticipate, ensure or caution.
  • A damage was supported as a consequence of the careless conduct of the manager.
  • The client endured injuries, for example, physical or enthusiastic damage, with resulting financial ramifications.

Illustrations of injuries supported in public spots

  • Injuries created by slips, outings and falls in grocery stores, shopping plazas, bars or silver screens.
  • Injuries created by risky pathways or asphalts, potholes or tree roots.
  • Injuries created by steps or staircases in dilapidation.
  • Injuries created by sharp questions.
  • Injuries created by articles tumbling from a certain height.

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  • Product Liability Claims
  • Public Liability Claims

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