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Our theory is straightforward. We concentrate on giving our customers in criminal guard and personal injury with exceedingly gifted, proficient and energetic representation from the earliest starting point to the end. We believe great lawyering is essential superb "direction" is discriminating!

For a long time, Hatzis Lawyers has concentrated on safeguarding customers' rights in Australia. The criminal guard lawyers at our firm are carried out to building up an aggressive protection technique for people blamed for offense and crime accusations. Our law office likewise tries to acquire ethically for casualties of personal injury mishaps. We give our association's experience something to do for you. Contact us today to timetable a beginning conference.

Offering an Aggressive Defence Strategy

The criminal protection lawyers at our firm are carried out to securing your social equality. We will commit significant resources assessing the proof against you to uncover any procedural mistakes or infringement of your social liberties. Our investigative skills are discriminating in adding to an aggressive protection methodology against state and government charges, including:

  • DUI and engine vehicle offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • Robbery, theft and weapons offenses
  • Larceny and burglary offenses
  • Crimes against kids
  • Assault, rape, assault, abducting and homicide
  • Domestic brutality
  • White neckline and PC wrongdoings
  • Probation and parole infringement

Seeking after Justice in Personal Injury

The lawyers at our law office offer a significant foundation demonstrating blame in profoundly entangled personal injury mishaps, including:

  • Car mishaps
  • Truck mishaps
  • Motorcycle mishaps
  • Pedestrian mishaps
  • Basic risk

We have the abilities to demonstrate issue when liability is at first un clear. Our law office incorporates experienced mishap scene Reconstructionist who assesses discriminating subtle elements, including property injury and wreckage from the accident scene to focus carelessness. Our capacity to create persuading lawful contentions regularly prompts huge settlement offers, knowing we are completely prepared for.

Services – Hatzis Lawyers

Figuring out who or what is the broken link in an aviation accident can be a complex process that conceivably includes researching various parties, including air controllers, pilots, manufacturing companies and different suppliers of gear and more. While aviation accidents are uncommon, they can incorporate helicopter crashes, little private plane accidents, business flight accidents, skydiving accidents and injuries to personals on the ground. They for the most part include genuine injury.

Boating Accidents

Boating accidents are a standard event in our general vicinity. Speedboats or lodge cruisers may run into other littler boats, plane skis may be included in an accident, and boats impact docks. Different sorts of boating accidents include:

  • A personal falling over the edge and suffocating
  • Collisions
  • Capsizing
  • Sinking and flooding
  • Fire
  • Explosions
  • Disappearance
  • DUI boating accidents
  • Equipment disappointment

The accomplished personal damage and wrongful demise lawyers at our firm are readied to seek after damages for injuries that have been managed in boating accidents, including future therapeutic treatment.

Rail Accidents

In the event that you or a dependant has been injured or a relative has been murdered in a rail accident, you may have a real claim for injuries.

A central component to an effective case is that the accident is because of carelessness from the administrator of worker and merchandise rail administrations.

Any injury maintained while in a train or on a station, or amid the sheets and disembarkation procedures, could prompt a substantial case. The onus is on the administration supplier to guarantee that trains, route lines, stations and rail foundation – call us today, let us settle your claim.

Summary of Services

  • Animal Bites
  • Birth Injury
  • Brain Injury
  • Burn Injuries
  • Criminal Law
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Negligence
  • Personal Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Railroad Accidents
  • Slip And Fall

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