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Walker Law Group is a very successful law office offering a scope of legal services from general legal advice, to road accident claims. We take our experience over the years as a contribution to our high winning rate. We are seen as Australia’s top law firms, with thousands of new clients every year. We have a professional and empathetic way of carrying out our cases. Bound by strong ethical values, we ensure our clients receive the best legal care from our team. Bound by development, not custom, we keep on rethinking the way we provide legal counsel. We strive to convey the most astounding quality and service to our customers. With more than 20 years' experience in law, we know what you have to win your case.

Whether your personal injury case identifies with something that happened at work; in a vehicle collision; in the home or a personal Injury we can handle your case.

We offer:

  • No-win No charge accident case service
  • An association focused on the best practice model service to our customers
    • In the event that you need help with an accident or an injury claim, we'd like the chance to talk with you and offer some advice regarding whether you have a legitimate case or not.

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Should you be involved in an accident on the road, as a passenger in the vehicle, a driver, or even a pedestrian crossing the road. You may be liable to claim compensation for your injuries. There are many areas that can go in your favour. The driver who was negligent, could have been under the influence of alcohol, or driving through a red light. You could be hit by an oncoming vehicle who did not stop at a [pedestrian crossing, the areas of these accidents can occur in many different ways.

Each of our customers has a special set of individual circumstances, which implies that special services are required for each client, as individuals. No case is ever the same, thorough investigations need to be made to rule out certain areas that may incriminate our client.

We take into account the traumatic effects of the accident that will be taken into account when reviewing the compensation requirements for the client:

  • Compensation for the agony and suffering you have endured from the accident or injury
  • Loss of work days – unable to earn a living due to the extent of your injuries
  • Compensation for costs you have acquired, be it medical or other.

Understanding and portraying the impacts of your accident in these terms is essential as a component to the methodology of building up a winning case for our client and getting you the compensation you may be qualified for.

We believe that experience and skill in managing such cases is imperative – an ability we at Walker Law Group have to win your case.

Summary of Services

  • Public Place Liability
  • Road Accident Compensation
  • Medical Negligence
  • Criminal Law

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