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We know you have numerous inquiries after an accident, and our lawyers are here to answer them for you. We've been helping injury victimized people across the country with a notoriety for winning cases.

The Australian Claims Authority is a current association that uses a totally diverse methodology. We don't take part in any spontaneous correspondence or push promoting of any kind. Rather, we decide to join with Australian Internet clients who are searching for topical data on guaranteeing compensation for injury related mishaps. Our referral services apply just to individuals that we believe to be bona fide and as being what is indicated to have foundation for concern in discovering or selecting a respectable lawyer or specialist representation. We give legal advice in regards to all areas of personal injuries and working environment wellbeing and security: CTP, Workplace injury, Slip and fall, Death and dependency, Coronial request, Medical appraisals, Rehabilitation privileges, Lump sum qualifications, General protection questions, Asbestos and other legal attributes. With our committed and experienced staff, and work locations placed all through Australia, we have what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve. We draw on the skill of our lawyers from different practice regions, who fill in as a group to give a completely coordinated and consistently facilitated service.

Our devoted area groups are made up of lawyers from a variety of practice areas that have an abundance of experience in an extensive variety of commercial enterprises.

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A slip and fall can occur when we least expect it. The term slip and fall means when an individual slips or falls in a building or sidewalk or wherever it is someone else’s responsibility to warn the public that they could be in danger walking in that area. For instance, if they are mopping the floor at your favourite diner, and they do not have precautionary signage up to warm public that the floor is slippery, they will be held accountable should you slip on that specific area. This is not to mention that gyms, resorts, schools, and sports facilities haven't got a responsibility to produce you with safe equipment. They need to conjointly take precautions to ensure that you simply do not get hurt.

However, liability relating to recreational activities isn't as clear-cut as personal injury lawsuits, even once you are seriously hurt and suffer a head, neck or spine injury. Each minute counts. It’s crucial that you contact the Australian Claim Authority as soon as an incident may occur. To make a case for you, we need to document all the information together, get the full story, and check if the injury is relevant to a slip and fall case. Should you have to undergo hospitalisation or have medical treatment for your injuries, we will require medical documentation as well.

Contact us should you wish you take your case further, we will use our years of experience in the industry to make your case a winning one.

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  • Burn Injury
  • Road Accidents
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Accidents In Public
  • Slip Or Fall
  • Boat Accident
  • Dog Attack

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