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City Legal Solicitors is devoted to the representation of injured and harmed people. City Legal Solicitors, realize what it takes to guarantee that our customer's personal injury matters are decently situated for settlement or trial.

Our years of consolidated experience is the reason we win cases. Our case results represent themselves. City Legal Solicitors is devoted to helping harmed exploited people get the best conceivable financial recuperation. We hone considerably to seek after claims for people that have been harmed by the careless and wrongful behaviour of others.

While we understand no measure of cash can ever seriously remunerate exploited people for their injuries, City Legal Solicitors is devoted to fighting wholeheartedly in our customers' advantage to recouping the compensation our customers deserve.

At City Legal Solicitors, the majority of our customers have one thing in common – they are exploited people and victims. Aggravating matters even, numerous individuals, struggling through a traumatic injury, end up being pushed into a battle against huge businesses or insurance agencies. We are committed to securing you and guaranteeing that you are legitimately compensated for you or your cherished one's injuries. We battle considerably for our customers' advantage to recuperate what our customers deserve. We have the skills needed to secure your investments inside and outside of the court.

At City Legal Solicitors, we are here to answer the majority of your inquiries and give confirmation in times of vulnerability. In the event that you have a case or have addresses about your legal rights, then please contact City Legal Solicitors whenever for a free meeting.

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There is no exact one size fits all case when it comes to a slip and fall accident. These can occur in a variety of ways, but can cause terrible injuries and even hospitalisation. Should you injure yourself in an environment such as a public area, where the environment is unsafe, and there is no signage to warn you about it, the parties or owners in charge of the public area will be responsible for your injury.

City Legal Solicitors is renowned for solving injury claims, for years we have built a trusted name in Australia. We have assisted thousands of customers every year, and been able to win our cases at an astronomical rate.

These slip and fall accidents can occur when a property manager or holder knew of a hazardous condition, it must be demonstrated in our case against them that:

  • The owner was aware of the danger to the injured party
  • The owner knew the condition existed and carelessly neglected to rectify it
  • The condition existed for such a time period, to the point that the owner ought to have found and rectified it before the slip and fall occurred.

For a property owner to be held at risk, it must have been predictable that his carelessness would in the event cause a danger to someone - YOU.

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