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We concentrate on helping injury victimized people and their loved ones pursue after they have undergone a harmful act of wrongdoing. To that end, we give committed support in a wide range of injury cases.

We have practical experience in a scope of compensation services, including work claims, negligence claims, open risk claims and motor vehicle claims. With a win rate of more than 90% it’s no big surprise customers know us by name. With business locations around Australia, we help individuals in need in NSW including Sydney, Newcastle. Kanwal, Fairfield, Wollongong and The Entrance. A vast majority of our customers come to us extremely confused about where to turn. You've been truly stung. Maybe you've been purposefully exploited. The regular question that follows a traumatic incident is "what now?" While we can't reverse the past, the uplifting news is you don't need to walk alone any longer. Our accomplished, experienced group is here to help you make headway. We are here to help bring centre to the disarray, to transform havoc into order. You may require compensation to recuperate from your injury. We will bring the resources and experience you need to viably pursue after that compensation. Devastating injuries or the loss of a loved one can cast questions on everything you could ever hope for as well as your upcoming plans for the future.

Likewise, the cost related strain of a significant accident can rapidly heighten, adding an alternate measurement to your misfortune. CMC Lawyers can give you the help of knowing your case is a winner.

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From office structures to malls to private homes, property owners and occupiers have the obligation to keep their properties in safe condition and take measures to prevent any potential harm to the public and their guests.

People who slip, or fall because of unmarked dangerous surfaces, frigid walkways, and broken handrails, inadequately maintained stairwells, or just an uneven walkway, may be qualified to receive remuneration for their wounds from property managers.

Slip, and fall injuries may appear like minor accidents, yet we at CMC Lawyers realize that they can result in serious long term effects, disability issues and even hospitalisation.

In some cases it may just be an unfortunate accident, maybe your heel on your shoes snapped while you were walking, maybe you tripped on a stone. In these cases, we cannot always blame the property owners.

The slip and fall zone of lawful practice bargains fundamentally with the idea of reason and proof. Property holders have an obligation of consideration to keep up the security of their grounds and secure against damage of people being on that specific property.

Illustrations of slip and falls that could be viewed as the consequence of carelessness include:

  • Falling off an unprotected ledge
  • Tripping over an unmarked or unsteady surface
  • Slipping on a slippery surface or floor
  • Tripping over an unmarked object
  • Falling down an unsafe staircase
  • Tripping over something due to faint lighting

The fact of the matter is that hazardous conditions ought not to be carelessly left for guests to harm themselves on.

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  • Compensation Services
  • Slip And Fall Claims
  • Motor Vehicle Claims
  • Negligence Claims
  • Public Liability Claims
  • Tpd Superannuation Claims

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