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Meridian Lawyers' devoted group of protection, wellbeing, commercial and work lawyers gives an inconceivably centred service. Our service excellence of more than 10 years has earned us the notoriety of being the individual’s decision of legal firms in Australia. Giving service brilliance, and arranging a way of achievement with our customers, we put a lot of energy in tending to individuals' rights. Meridian Lawyers provides legal counsel in protection law, wellbeing law, corporate and commercial law, vocation law, commercial suit and question determination from our work locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Brisbane. A piece of our methodology is to make an interpretation of your directions into understandable and workable appointments, reflecting your aims in the wake of having considered your short, medium, and long haul destinations. We have a devoted group of experienced and skilful legal experts who will comfort your psyche by managing your matters productively from beginning to end.

Meridian Lawyers has an exceptionally talented and devoted group of people that work in team to aid you with all your legal necessities. There is no assignment excessively extraordinary or excessively little for the experts at our firm. Furnished with an enthusiasm for individuals, developed courses of action and great systems gained after some time, the Meridian group has the certainty and ability to handle any legal issue that you are confronted with. Meridian Lawyers uses INNOVATION to transform issues into workable SOLUTIONS that create successful RESULTS.

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In the event that you have endured a "slip and fall", you may be able to lodge a slip and fall accident claim from the owners of the area where the incident occurred. We walk into a public area expecting to be in safe hands, thinking that the owners of the property have ensured the area is safe for public perusal. If you happen to trip and fall on a surface area that is meant for people to walk on, and the area isn’t safe, with no warning signs erected, you are liable to open a case. Should you slip on a wet surface in a public area, which isn’t marked with a warning sign, you are liable to claim for your injuries. Some slip and fall incidents can end up being quite serious. Should you injure yourself in a way that you may need surgery, and not be able to use your arm for your daily job, you can claim for loss of work days from the building owners. There are so many avenues which allow you to claim your rightful compensation.

These injuries from a slip and fall can occur at:

  • An unclear pathway in a public park
  • Shopping malls
  • Badly lit rooms and restaurants
  • Fast food shops where floors are slippery
  • Public toilets

There are many areas where you can seriously injure yourself. Although it is in our best interest to be cautious when entering an area which possess danger, accidents happen, and in most cases, it is the property owners fault. We can help you make a claim. Contact us, have all the evidence and medical records for us to take your case further.

Summary of Services

  • Public Claims
  • Slip And Fall Claims
  • Product Claims
  • Professional Negligence Claims

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