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Public Liability Lawyers Australia are appointed to customers and victims of slip and fall accidents. Once we have enough material and evidence to build up a case for you, we can take the matter further and get the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers have a vast knowledge and years’ experience in the industry, to ensure their clients receive the right people to help them win their case. Our dedication to the law ensures our lawyers act in line with the rules and laws of the state. We help you gather, investigate and proceed with your accident case as best possible. We believe in justice, and our people are passionate about victims of crime. Should you be involved in an incident, try gather as much information, evidence, photos, and witnesses as possible, and as quickly as possible. This will aid in your case.

These kinds of accidents are often out of our hands, we can’t predict we will slip on an oily fast food restaurant floor, when we weren’t warned about the floor being slippery. You could succumb to major injuries, which can also mean you can claim for loss of work days. We will be by your side, to win your case.

Call Public Liability Lawyers Australia, let us take your unfortunate injury claims to court, and win the compensation due to you by the property owner.

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Whether you are strolling on a public walkway, taking a shopping excursion inside a shopping centre or actually moving around inside a home or building, there are a number of different ways in which you can be the victim of a slip and fall accident in a public area.

The results of these incidents can actually be very serious. You could end up being hospitalised, unable to work, or even worse, the accident could be fatal. You could be the helpless victim of such an incident. You can innocently slip on a wet floor surface in a public bathroom, where no warning signs were erected. How often have you seen restaurant floors where there is patches of slippery oily substances from the hustle of the busy lunch hour? You could stumble in a public sidewalk pothole, or trip over debris from a building site while walking the dog. All these are the responsibility of the property owners to keep the public informed that the specific area is a hazard and potentially dangerous.

It is the obligation of the manager of the specific property to guarantee that they deal with any particular issues; as a rule, an absence of maintenance and upkeep on support leaves numerous people harmed and injured in the process.

Business owners and property managers have an obligation to verify that each one of the individuals who cross on their property are kept safe from potential dangers.

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  • Brain Injury
  • Dog Attacks
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