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We are an independent law office, we have the capacity to give every single one of our customers our individual, unified consideration. For a long time we have been supporting people, families, and organizations with all lawful issues. All through that time we have advanced and have created frameworks for the productive conveyance of superb legitimate services The combination of our involved customized methodology and our understanding, coupled with our aggressive case foundation, has helped many customers achieve the best conceivable result to their circumstances. We generally attempt the thorough examination that these cases need to be prepared for trial, if essential.

We urge you to reach at the earliest opportunity and calendar a beginning counsel to talk about your issues. Our law office is committed to fighting for the rights of injury victimized people and relatives. We are trial lawyers who set up every case as though for trial. Our lawyers have recouped countless dollars for the benefit of individuals who were injured or lost relatives in Australian car collisions and work environment an accidents. In the event that you have been injured because of the carelessness of an alternate, you ought to contact a lawyer quickly. Time is of the embodiment in every personal injury case. To secure your rights, your lawyer needs to act quickly and protect important proof. Snappy activity can minimize endeavours by the individual that brought on your injury, or their insurance agency, from evading Liability regarding their activities. Gathering this time-delicate proof will help us guarantee that those in charge of your injuries are considered completely responsible.

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Most third party claims are cases are issues managed between two parties: the organization/business and the client who is injured.

Von Doussas Pty Ltd offers clients specialised legal representation when it comes to third party claims. As experts in the industry, we offer our vast knowledge and years of experience to our clients, when they cannot speak for themselves, or need the professional justice system behind them to win their case. Personal injury claims are often brought along by negligence from another party. This can be from a motor vehicle accident caused by a faulty vehicle, or by a slip and fall in a building open to the public where no warning signs were shown to warn the client of any danger. We identify the cause of the accident that caused our clients injury, and do an intrinsic investigation in the case. From gathering enough evidence and speaking to the right people, we can build up a winning case for your clients. We need to get as much information in as quickly as possible, while the information is still fresh in the eyes of the law. Your compensation depends of the verity and punch of the scene. Should you endure a serious injury and not be able to work and earn a living, this will also factor into the pay-out.

Von Doussas Pty Ltd is here to help the innocent victims in Australia with their third party claims. Contact us today, and let us discuss the way forward with you. We have the expertise and the passion for justice to win your case.

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  • Medical Negligence Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • 3rd Party Accident Claims

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