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Relating to customers across the country, with more than 1,200 workers more than 66 areas across Australia and 1,300 individuals in 13 areas in the Australia. Slater & Gordon has had a significant effect on the improvement of personal injury law in Australia.

  • We have some expertise in resolving serious incidents and traumatic head injury, expanding on our extensive variety of experience in personal injury cases.
  • We offer a dynamic business law benefit in unreasonable release, equivalent pay and segregation whether in light of sex, race, religion or inability.
  • We keep up our prominent in asbestos suits.
  • Our private customer property and probate practice is presently complimented by an occupied business law division with a specific spotlight on securities.
  • We offer a full supplement of Divorce and Family Law Services.

Slater & Gordon we mean to join the procurement of lawful services to our customers with a remunerating partnership with our clients. Our vision for good social Liability is to deal with our business in a manner that upgrades the positive and minimizes the negative financially, social and ecological effect of our exercises and services. Our staff cooperate to concur the qualities which best speak to the ethos of our business. We strive to work to convey these core qualities:

  • Service - we put your problem first.
  • Commitment - we are focused on conveying the most elevated proficient benchmarks.
  • Responsibility - we make your needs our Liability.
  • Integrity - we settle on choices taking into account what is correct and not what is simple.
  • Passion - we take pride in conveying proficient magnificence.
  • Teamwork - with us you have a partner in law.

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Diagnosing a traumatic brain injury is perplexing and fervently. Generally the analysis of a brain injury requires an assessment by doctors in a few areas of medicine and science. Our brain injury legal counsellor’s counsel much of the time with master neurologists, therapists, radiologists, specialists, and neuropsychologists. Our brain injury specialists are knowledgeable about the treatment and conclusion of traumatic brain injuries, spina bifida, hydrocephalus, untimely births, strokes, anoxia, encephalitis, and meningitis.

At the point when there is an injury to the brain, either in a grown-up or child, there are once in a while exceptionally inconspicuous cognitive, behavioural, and physical changes. Frequently an injured individual are totally unconscious of the utilitarian results emulating a TBI. Regular manifestations incorporate short or long haul utilitarian changes that influence an individual's capacity to think, talk, learn, express, and contain feelings. Individuals with TBI frequently feel alone, on edge, discouraged and irate, and have a loss of inspiration.

The physical injuries connected with brain damage are seizures, muscle fits, twofold vision, and visual deficiency, loss of smell, loss of taste, slurred discourse, headaches, weariness, and inconvenience strolling or standing. Frequently individuals seem to have stroke-like side effects.

The main step our firm uses in diagnosing a TBI is orchestrating a counsel with an equipped and experienced neuropsychologist. These experts can gage a mental appraisal and utilize distinctive measures to assess behavioural and cognitive capacities. A complete neuropsychological assessment requires an IQ test, a scholarly accomplishment test, and an assessment of the protector’s enthusiastic modification after the injury. Our brain injury attorneys are experienced and ready to support you or a relative who has maintained a traumatic brain injury from a fall, engine vehicle mishap, restorative oversight or strike. Contact us today for a private assessment of your claim.

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